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Gina’s Donation Story

Every day is like Christmas at RecycleHealth. Nothing compares to seeing a pile of wrapped packages waiting at the door, knowing inside are donated trackers (and often a heartwarming Thank You note.)

Most people send trackers to us after receiving an unnecessary gift or upgrading to a newer model - not so with Gina. “I still use my basic Fitbit Zip!” she says, and only replaces it if she’s lost it.

Gina’s love for her tracker hasn’t stopped her from sharing the health with RecycleHealth, however. “My family knows I love to repurpose EVERYTHING,” she explains. “They pass on everything to me so that I can find the right place for items to go.”

Gina proudly displays the collection of wearables she’s planning to send to help underserved populations. “I have 11 wristbands; 4 or 5 Fitbit units and various other things,” she says. “I am happy to have found RecycleHealth.”

We’re happy, too, Gina! We look forward to seeing your wrapped package at the door.