RecycleHealth in the News

RecycleHealth is always thankful to receive positive press for our work. Here are some highlights from the past few years. Thank you to all the journalists who took the time to write our story! Click the photos or videos below to read more about RecycleHealth in the news.


AARP Purpose Prize

Lisa Gualtieri, PhD, ScM, became a 2018 AARP Purpose Prize fellow on December 5th, 2018. She shares her story about how RecycleHealth came to be and also of what's to come. Click to read more.

ABC News 2017 - Man loses 100 lbs in a year, assisted by donated fitness trackers

"Chakoutis was given a Withings watch to track his steps and, after the first week of the program, he lost two pounds ... Dr. Jeff Philips, Chakoutis’s primary care doctor, spearheads the innovative wellness program with the help of Lisa Gualtieri, the founder of RecycleHealth." Click to read more.


“How can we use first-generation Fossil activity trackers for the greater good?” It was this simple question that inspired our partnership with RecycleHealth. Click here to read more.

fit bottomed girls - 2017 fittie awards

"RecycleHealth is honestly one of the best ideas we've ever heard of. It not only helps you to declutter by getting unused fitness trackers out of your home, but it also gives them to people who may not be able to afford them -- making the world a healthier place. Sharing IS caring!" Click here to read more.

boston busineSs journal

"When it comes to wearable activity trackers, Lisa Gualtieri believes one person's trash is another person's treasure." Click here to read more.

Tufts now 2016

"Jawbone, Withings, Fitbit, Garmin—there are a lot of fitness trackers on the market now, all keeping daily stats on your activity and overall health. But what happens when it’s time to upgrade, or when you lose your enthusiasm for workouts? What happens to all the trackers that end up tossed in a drawer?" Click here to read more.


Boston Globe 2015

"Using a step-tracking device comes with a pretty defined honeymoon phase. Trying to figure out the device’s impact on your health can be exciting, but after a while, the infatuation may fade." Click here to read more.