Jodie’s Donation Story

“I got a new Fitbit for Christmas!”

Does that phrase sound familiar? If so, you’re probably in the same boat as Jodie Buerger, who loved her Fitbit One but got an upgraded model - a Fitbit Versa - for the holidays. “I was ready for a tracker that provided more,” she explains. “It has a heart rate monitor built into it … and I can receive calls and texts.”

That isn’t to say that there was anything wrong with her Fitbit One, which she found incredibly motivating when she first got it in 2013. “I was so excited to try to reach the 10,000 step goal and found that I would go out walking or go walking around the house to hit the goal… I wore it every single day.”

Jodie’s own success meant she didn’t want the working tracker to go to waste. “I would love to see someone get some use out of it,” she says, though none of her friends or family were interested in the used wearable. “I started to look for places to recycle it instead of just throwing it in the trash.”

That was how Jodie found RecycleHealth. “Google brought me to your mission!” RecycleHealth collects donations of trackers, just like Jodie’s, to give for free to underserved populations. Jodie’s Fitbit One, which is a clip-on rather than a wrist device, will get a second life with another individual - a perfect fit as not everyone wants to wear a watch on their wrist.

Out with the old, in with the new. Jodie displays her new Versa on her wrist while showing off the Fitbit One she’ll be sending to RecycleHealth.


Do you have a working tracker like Jodie’s that you are looking to pass along? We are happy to take it! Just visit the Donate Trackers page to print out a mailing label and send it to us. We’ll be sure to find it a new home. And, please feel free to share your donation story too - we’d love to hear it!